The Royalty Theatre Bar

A number of committees have been set up over the years to fulfil various roles in the theatre.


Anyone can join the bar committee at any time. The bar committee meets seven times per year usually during the week after a production. The committee are responsible for all aspects of running the bar. This includes: managing the stock, cleaning, serving. The committee also organise bar rotas for productions, hires, social events and Friday evenings.

Play Selection and Casting

The seasons play are chosen a year in advance by a team of 5/6 people. This group changes each year and will start reading plays from August of the previous season in preparation for the following season. This role takes a long commitment from each member. Members of play selection will read dozens of scripts and decide on the final 7 plays to be performed in the next season. Once the play selection committee is set in the August no new people can join the group, people interested in being on the play selection committee must be over 18 and register their interest with the Artistic Director.

Once the plays are chosen the play selection committee automatically become the casting committee in the following year. Their role is to select actors for the plays. To do this they will organise reading dates with the director and attend the readings and liaise with the director when casting the production. The casting committee is also responsible for finding replacement actors if the need arises.


The marketing group meets six times per year to prepare and ensure each production is publicised to its best possible advantage. Meetings are usually held during the week after each production. Anyone is welcome to join the marketing group at any time.

Social Events

From time to time social events are organised for members. There is no longer a specific committee for this, however anyone can organise an event by prior agreement with the Executive Committee.


Directing is a huge commitment. Usually, both play and director will have been decided by the play selection committee, but it is a two way process and nobody will end up directing a play that they hate! Once on board, the director will liaise with the casting committee to set a date for a reading prior to casting the play. It is up to the director to liaise in order to make sure that all the backstage crew are in place for the production. It is sometimes a good idea to have an assistant to help with this and many other tasks. Once the play is cast, the director will establish a rehearsal schedule and is then responsible for the actual direction of the actors as well as making sure all backstage tasks are up to speed. Although a big job to take on, directing can be very fulfilling and even inspirational!

All directors will be given a comprehensive Directors Pack by the Artistic Director.


Once cast performers make a considerable commitment to the production. The rehearsal period for each production is 6-7 weeks, three evenings per week. Performers are required to demonstrate their commitment to the production by arriving promptly for rehearsals, learn lines when required and be supportive of other actors and the director. Performers may on occasion be asked to source their own personal props and costumes. At the end of the production scripts should be handed back to the prompt, costumes returned to wardrobe and props returned to the props room. Performers are also required to help take down the set on the first Monday after the show.